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In 2006, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved the Primary Certificate in Vascular Surgery which eliminates the requirement for certification in general surgery prior to certification in vascular surgery. This creates more than one training pathway:


This new certification program translates to more training options; there will be more time available for training in areas such as non-operative prevention, diagnosis, and management of vascular disease; shorter training periods; and more freedom of choice concerning when to enter vascular surgery.


Find Training Programs

Visit ACGME for a complete list of General Surgery Residencies, Vascular Surgery Fellowships (5+2) and (4+2 ESP) tracks, and Vascular Surgery Residencies (0+5 programs). Select "Programs by Specialty" and under "Surgery" choose "Surgery: for General Surgery Residencies or choose "Vascular Surgery" for Vascular Surgery Fellowships or choose "Vascular Surgery - Integrated" for 0+5 programs.

Download contact information for all ACGME vascular surgery programs:

View the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada's vascular surgery programs. Please note that these programs are not ACGME approved.

Open Resident Positions

Throughout the year unexpected openings at training programs arise or new training programs are approved and have a need to fill resident positions.

View open resident positions.

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